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Certification in Social Media Marketing Training Course

The certification in Social Media Marketing will enable you with all the essential skills required to create a buzz on social media. At DM tree, industry leaders design and teach all the modules so, you gain right skills that will drive your career in the right direction in social media marketing.

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Introduction to Social Media Marketing Module equips you to harness the power of digital marketing as a major driver of the overall marketing strategy for your organization. This module provides you an exposure to the principles of digital marketing, landscape of social media marketing, knowhow about the ways of managing and analyzing your digital marketing campaigns.

Content Creation

The Content Creation Module introduces the very purpose of the Content. How content can intrigue, engage and retain customers by continually curating and creating worthwhile content with the intention of influencing consumers’ purchasing behavior. By the time you will finish this module, you will learn the value of social amplification, social listening to monitor your brand.


The Facebook module provides you with a comprehensive understanding of how Facebook works as a platform for community building, content marketing and brand promotion. You will learn how to use Facebook for business, developing a Facebook page specifically for your digital marketing needs, creating brands through Facebook, Facebook ads, advertising strategy, campaign planning & execution, Facebook analytics and ongoing measurement.


The Twitter module will enable with the knowledge of how to communicate and engage with your followers and the positive impact twitter can create for businesses as a marketing and promotion platform. You will gain the knowledge to customize twitter account to building a profile for your business, Campaign planning & execution and how to use hashtags.


The LinkedIn module share insights about the benefits of being present on this platform for both businesses and individuals. You can harness the power of LinkedIn for marketing purpose, especially for targeting professionals. During the course you will learn the LinkedIn features to facilitate the campaigns and how to build a network using LinkedIn.


The Google+ module explains you the benefits of incorporating Google+ into your marketing strategy. You will gain understanding of how to set up a Google+ page for yourself and a page for your brand. The module will provide to insights about how to engage your Google+ Community, how it helps in SEO optimization. You will also learn how to introduce features such as Hangouts, Circles, What’s Hot, and Events, which are specific to Google+.


The YouTube module provides you with an understanding of how world’s one of the largest search engine - YouTube works as a content sharing platform. We will explain you, how to use YouTube as a call-to-action platform and how to maximize interactive experience for your consumers by embed videos to your brand website. The module will equip you with the skills that enable you to use YouTube channel and advertisements for brand promotion.

Future Trends

This module will keep you updated with the latest trends and new platforms in social media on which you can share your content. As social media is an area which is evolving at a rapid rate, we target to show you the trends with analytics to give you right perspective. We will also describe the usage of other social media platforms, such as Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and Flickr.

Strategy & Planning

The Strategy and Planning module serves as the base for the social media plan and ties the entire activities with a thread. We will share a few templates and knowhow of executing social media strategy to get maximum out of it. This module will help you to define the strategy from the scratch and implement it in your organization.

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